1. I will strive to be the best I can be, but I will never try to be someone I’m not.
  2. We all deserve to be heard.  I will listen with an open heart and open mind. (And, yes, interrupting another human being is rude… even in the boardroom.)
  3. Intelligence comes in many forms, one of which are feelings.  I will honor my emotions.
  4. I will remember my despair and be grateful to it, for it has paved new ways of being.
  5. Hope is the irrational essence of wisdom.  I will be grateful for both.
  6. Those who dance are often thought mad my those who cannot hear the music.  My own knowing is enough.
  7. I will not try to please everyone.  I will simply do what I know is right.
  8. Setting personal boundaries is empowering.
  9. I will no longer be silent to keeps other comfortable.
  10. When one part of the body begins to consumes more than its share of resources  we call this cancer.  As Americans, we make up six-percent of the population, yet we consumer 25-percent of the world’s resources.  Each day, I take small steps to create a big shift.
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